Employing young talent – make a world of difference

 Why host or employ?

*Gain access to some of the brightest and best young men and women in your field

* Internationalize you staff

* Highly motivated to learn people, join your team

Abroad Experience / Australian Hospitality Experience will

* Screen all applicants before presenting resume’s for your review

* Assist all applicants with visa and immigration issues

* Conduct arrival orientations to ensure all participants are aware of their obligations

* Provide RSA and RSG course upon arrival

* Provide ongoing support to both the Business and employee

* Conduct regular reviews of the participants progress

* Undertake an exit review to assist in future programs

The host organization needs to

* Provide a safe and welcoming work environment

* Ensure that the participants are given opportunities to improve their skills.

* Encourage all participants to engage with the wider community


If you are interested in gaining access to this incredible pool of talent – please email as@a-ed.com.au

We are here to help you!